Anton Fabi Maffeo - Black Men's Boots Faux Leather Upper KMARAUP

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Men’s Footwear / Conversion & Measurement Chart

Please note that Superbalist men’s footwear is designed to fit the following measurements. Some brands may vary from these measurements but they can still be used as a guide.

NOTE: Shoe Sizes are UK unless otherwise stated.

Men’s Footwear UK/SAEU Size1 Footlength (mm) 6 39 260 7 40.5 270 8 42 277 9 43 285 10 44.5 295 11 45.5 303

How To Measure Your Feet

Wear socks similar to ones you’ll be wearing with the shoes. While seated, put your foot on a piece of paper in front of you and trace around the circumference of it with a pencil, being careful to keep the pencil close to the foot.


To determine your foot length, measure the distance between the two furthest points on your tracing.


Observe the table above and find the measurement closest to your foot length. Choose the shoe size attributed to that length.

Product Details

Looking good and feeling confident comes naturally in these sophisticated ankle boots. Featuring a leather-like upper with metal trimmings as well as a back tab, this is the ideal shoe for any occasion. Pair with formal pants and a knitted sweater for a classy look.


Faux Leather Upper




Anton Fabi

Anton Fabi Maffeo - Black Men's Boots Faux Leather Upper KMARAUP